Welcome to Upper Country, a journal of the Lake Superior region. This site has been developed to support and promote the journal, Upper Country, published by the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies at Northern Michigan University. Here are some links to the work of the Center:

The Upper Country Journal can be found here in several PDF files in the posts by Ted Bays.

Upper Country Vol. 2 entire

by Ted Bays Wed, February 18 2015 07:33

Upper Country, A Journal of the Lake Superior Region, Vol. 2 2014.  Re-designed, with photo essay about Bishop Baraga, articles about Beer in the Basin, Pine Mountain ski jump and tournament, iron ore mines in Algoma, the Neebish Cut, Italians at the Soo, Progressive politics in Hibbing MN; 2 book reviews.

UCfinalfinal!.pdf (4.06 mb)


Bishop Baraga

by Ted Bays Fri, January 23 2015 10:02

On the west side of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Marquette, MI, a new chapel holds the sarcophaghus of the Venerable, soon to be Saint, Bishop Frederic Baraga.  A photo essay of the chapel and Baraga's many Lake Superior missions, is included in Upper Country Vol. 2.  


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Upper Country, Vol. 2

by Ted Bays Wed, January 21 2015 18:21

BEER!--"Beer in the Basin" about early Lake Superior Basin breweries, researched and written by Dr. Russell Magnaghi in Upper Country Vol. 2, soon to appear here.

brewbasin.docx (21.19 kb)


Upper Country, Vol. 1, 2013, entire

by Ted Bays Wed, March 19 2014 06:52

The entire journal, Upper Country, from front cover to back cover.

UCfinal.pdf (3.63 mb)


CONTENTS of Upper Country

by Ted Bays Wed, March 12 2014 07:07